Technical SEO

Technical work on your website with the intent to improve search results.

What We Do

How we accomplish Technical SEO for your business. 


Have a new website and need it relocated? We can do it without you losing any search engine progress.

Page Speed

The longer your page takes to load the quicker you lose your visitors. We make sure your page loads at optimial speed. 

Content Optimization

We make sure your content reflects your business and its keywords.


Its imperative Google and other search engines can crawl your site and collect information.


This is the process where Googlebot retrieves your pages, runs your code, and assesses your content to understand the layout or structure of your site.


Making sure your business is indexed where it ought to be. 


With 2/3 of people using mobile as their main web search, we ensure your platform is optimized for mobile.


Now a requirement by search engines, we can install a SSL on your site. 

Structured Data

The latest and greatest, get ahead of your competition with JSON data markup. 

Answers to Your Questions

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is anything that deals with how search engines find you, index you, and place you on rankings. Any errors on your technical SEO could affect your site greatly. 

How Does Pagespeed affect my rankings?

In two ways. One Google will connect to faster server sites to get users what they what promptly. Second, users wont visit your site if it takes to long to load. 

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile Optimization is having your website “opimized” on mobile platforms such as tablets and phones. The same principle applys as above with page speed. Users won’t want to use your site if they can understand it on their phone. 

What are Robots.txt files?

Robots.txt files are used to follow or no follow pages. A reason why you would want to have a robot.txt set to follow, is so search engines can crawl your pages and index them. A reason why you would want to set a page to no follow is so that Google doesnt index any of your old site information. 

What is Site Hierarchy?

Site Hierarchy is the structure and flow of your site from the top down. For example your home page would be your main page and then you would have sub pages, then sub sub pages. Making sure the flow aligns with the information is crucial, both for search engines and users. 

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