Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is SEO techniques that occur off of your website and work to improve your search engine rankings. 

How We Do It

Great White SEO uses Business to Business relationships at the forefront when conducting off page SEO. Some of the techniques for Off Page SEO include: 


These are essential for domain authority and domain rating. The more quality backlinks, the easier it is to rank. 

Social Medial Accounts

These are essentially free backlinks giving power to your webpage.

Guest Blogging

Get link juice and show your experience with guest blogging. Whether you are the giver or reciever the result is postive.

Google My Business

The best free tool if done correctly, this will help your website ranking, business credibility, and provide users a good experience.


The more places to be seen results in more customers to be had. Take advantage of online directories. 

Paid Ads

Paid ads in combination with organic content always provides the best solution for potential leads and conversions. 

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

When Great White SEO manages your Off Page SEO, we use our kind nature and collaborations to reach out to others who will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

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Q & A:
Off Page SEO

What is the Difference between On Page and Off Page?

The difference is On Page SEO occurs on your page. This includes content, meta description, and title tags. Off Page refers to not on your page. This includes links to your pages on other sites, or Google my Business. 

What is the most important Off Page SEO?

Backlinks would be the most important Off Page SEO. This gives you “link juice” which is a fancy word for industry leader. 

What is more important On page or Off page?

Initally on-page, and then as time continues off-page. You need one and then build the other. 

How Do I Get Backlinks?

GreatWhite SEO works to get you the backlinks you need for your business and its niche. By creating good content and having a reputable business it’s not as difficult as it seems. 

Do I Need a Google My Business?

You dont need it, but why wouldn’t you use the best available tool you have for free?

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