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Let’s dive deep into the story of GWSEO.

It began on the              Australian West Coast…..

After traveling to Australia on a backpacking visa, the co-founder Tyler decided he wanted a job where he had freedom to travel, and money to spend, not stuck on a farm or construction site.

His partner was involved in digital marketing in which she primarily did paid advertising and website development. Although he enjoyed this, he wanted something that interconnected his personal skills, and systematic nature.

That’s where SEO came into play. It involved the person to person relationships, as well as the systematic and arbitrary challenges that he enjoyed.

He was then off to the races finding out everything he could from training courses, to youtube tutorials, and leader experts articles such as Neil Patel and his free resources.  Tyler quickly became Top Rated on Upwork, and was sought after for the services he provided. He now works with businesses across the world solving unique challenges businesses have with SEO, as well as training future freelancers with his online academy.

A brief introduction to GreatWhite SEO and why they are SEO Experts in Perth.


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